Moto girl (1980)


Director: Pierre Unia as Reine Pirau

Alternate Titles
• Adolescentes de petite vertu re-release title
• Black and White 1985 A. D. Distribuzion (probably the same film)
• Boudeuses violentées, bécheuses sodomisées 1987 title of second re-release
• Moto Girl… une petite chatte sur un engin brûlant
• Le Photographe de petite vertu

• Céline Gallone in a black wig, plays the African sorcerer’s girlfriend
• Elisabeth Buré plays the hotel manager’s secretary and girlfriend
• Marie-Pierre Barathon plays Aude
• Nicole Segaud as Helene Shirley, plays Sonia, an actress
• Sylvie Schwartz plays Annie, the caretaker

• Christian Loussert plays an actor
• Claude Valmont plays an actor
• Guy Berardant plays Chris
• Guy Royer plays an actor in the opening scene
• Madou Sall plays the hotel manager
• Jean-Pierre Kipré may be the African sorcerer
• The film director is maybe Daniel Trabet with a beard.



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