Oh!… Miss Bodie (1972)

Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1972
Distributor: Something Weird Video
Director: Unknown

Starring: Suzanne Fields, Patti Lee, Mycle Brandy, Billy Lane

Description: On a school field trip into the woods, Miss Bodie and two of her girls frolic in slow motion over rippling brooks, examining rocks and flora, all to the strains of a lyrical flute. But when they’re ready to leave, their car won’t start! Seeking help at the nearest house, they find two young studs eager to be of service — ahem. That’s where the pastoral ends, and the bacchanal begins and we all cry — together now — Oh!… Miss Bodie!
The studs get Miss Bodie drunk and then watch out! The prim and proper science teacher becomes an insatiable succubus right before our eyes! Slow motion is replaced by a much older kind of motion — the old in-out, in-out — and the students promptly change their major from geology to biology, and have a field day examining the male organ.
Miss Bodie is played by the voluptuous Mycle Brandy (“Queen Amora” in Flesh Gordon) and one of her prize students is none other than Suzanne Fields (“Dale Ardor” in Flesh Gordon) and together they generate more energy than the Grand Coulee Dam!
When the studs go at Miss Bodie front and back, she s got to tug her wig back down on her head to keep from losing it! And when Suzanne gets a cock in her mouth, the Deviate discovered the meaning of life…







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