Oma Opervers 1 (1993)


Actresses: Kim Winter, Tilla Meran, Emma Rush aka Jasmine (as Sabrina Cadeaux)
Samantha Wood, Jaqueline Wild, Charlene Roben
Actors: Olaf Tanner, Steve Vincent, Rex Morrison Franco Roccaforte, a.o.

scene breakdowns
Scene 1 – Kim Winter, Olaf Tanner
Scene 2 – Tilla Meran, Samantha Wood [scene was taken from Anal Studs (1993)]
Scene 3 – Jaqueline Wild, Charlene Roben, guy
Scene 4 – Emma Rush [facial], Steve Vincent, Rex Morrison
Scene 5 – Kim Winter, Tilla Meran, Franco Roccaforte

The genre movie “Oma Pervers 1” (Cat.No.4401) was released by VTO in 1993.
DVD reissue by DBM as (Cat.No. VTO-02) in 2014. German language.



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