Sky Foxes (1986)


Who wants to join the ‘Mile High Club’? Well these girls are more than happy to make you a member.

Victor Nye

Brittany Stryker [BJOnly]
Krista Lane
Scarlet Windsor (as Magan Bradley) [Facial]
Paula Harlow [Facial]
Sheena Horne

Billy Dee
Jason Riley
Johnny Nineteen
Mike Horner
Peter North
Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Scarlet Windsor, Johnny Nineteen, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Paula Harlow, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Sheena Horne, Jason Riley
Scene 4. Brittany Stryker, Krista Lane, Peter North
Scene 5. Paula Harlow, Peter North
Scene 6. Sheena Horne, Billy Dee
Scene 7. Scarlet Windsor, Jason Riley




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