Studio of Lust (1984)

Paul Crane

* Candida Royalle [Facial]
* Debbie Shaw
* Kelly Ross
* Mimi Morgan
* Misty Dawn
* Sandy Kane
* Sue Thomas

* Don Fernando
* Jack Adams
* John Holmes
* Ken Scudder
* Mike Howard
* Paul Thomas
* Tom Davis

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Mimi Morgan, guy
* Scene 2. Misty Dawn, John Holmes
* Scene 3. girl, guy
* Scene 4. girl, Ken Scudder
* Scene 5. girl, guy
* Scene 6. girl, guy
* Scene 7. girl, guy
* Scene 8. Mimi Morgan, Paul Thomas
* Scene 9. Candida Royalle, guy

Miss Amy has been in the skin flick business for a long time and has done many things in front of the camera. In Studio of Lust she takes you behind the lens to enjoy the sights and sounds of hard-core sex like you’ve never seen before. Your private tour begins on the sound stage of her current ‘steamy’ endeavor the soft sensual sounds of sex soon become the shouts of ecstasy as she joins in a wild orgy. Studio of Lust is bursting with the hot, sweaty sexual action most movies only begin to show. With an eager and talented case including hungry nymphettes like Debbie Shaw, Sally Douglas and Sandy Kane this nasty flick will even make your exposure meter blush! You won’t want to miss the outrageous, non-stop sex in Studio of Lust; Not to mention Miss Amy. She’s waiting just for you! Lights, camera, action! Starring Sandy Kane, Debbie Shaw, Sally Douglas, and Sue Thompson. …




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