Super Hornio Brothers 1 (1993)

Starring: Krysti Lynn, Chelsea Lynx, Courtney, Diane O’Daine, Buck Adams, Ron Jeremy, TT Boy, Don Fernando

A power surge sends whacked out computer programmer Squeegie Hornio and his brother Ornio into cyberspace where they meet up with, have sex with, and even fight, a variety of characters from a popular video game.

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Courtney, Ron Jeremy
* Scene 2. Chelsea Lynx, Diane O’Daine, Buck Adams
* Scene 3. Chelsea Lynx, Buck Adams
* Scene 4. Chelsea Lynx, Don Fernando
* Scene 5. Courtney, Krysti Lynn
* Scene 6. Diane O’Daine, Krysti Lynn, TT Boy





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