Amanda’s Diary 4 (1999)


Year: 1999
Genre: Feature, Foreign, Straight
Duration: 1:32:31

Directed by: John Millerman

Starring: Monique Covet, Cassandra Wild, Sophie Evans, Carmen Vera (aka Carmen), Bettina (aka Bettina Campbell), Caroline Cage (aka Kata Lynn), Wanda Curtis, Gili Sky (aka Elvira).

Description: Our horny heroine, Amanda, is always making new friends and in this volume we meet Annette, an aspiring artist, who also introduces us to the magnificent Monique Covet. The trio of delectable temptresses heads off for a lively, lusty week-end at Annette’s beach house, located on the coast. The combination of sand, sea and scenery, along with the passionate people they encounter, all add up to some of the most unforgettable sex ever captured on camera.

Scene 1 Monique Covet
Scene 2 Monique Covet, Cassandra Wild
Scene 3 Monique Covet, Cassandra Wild
Scene 4 Monique Covet, Cassandra Wild, Carmen Vera
Scene 5 Monique Covet, Sophie Evans



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