Amberella – Agent Of Lust (1986)


Amber Lynn stars as AMBERELLA, a beautiful and cunning counter intelligence agent who matches her wits against ruthless villains who plan to throw the world into orgasmic catastrophe. It’s the women from L.U.S.T. verses the villains of S.M.U.T., and their sex ray. Amber and her stunning co-stars must intercept a communications satellite which transmits a sexually stimulating high frequency wave throwing all who listen into sexual frenzy. Jerry Butler and Jay Sterling co-star as Goldpecker and Handjob, the evil men who developed the sex ray. It’s the X-rated spy movie of the year, featuring gorgeous girls, handsome men and red hot sex. The morals of the world rest in Amber’s hands.

Amber Lynn
Breezy Lane (as Breezy Kane)
Elle Rio [Facial]
Jeanna Fine

Buck Adams
Jay Serling
Jerry Butler
John Johnson
Mike DeMarco

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Amber Lynn
Scene 2. Breezy Lane, Jeanna Fine
Scene 3. Breezy Lane, Jeanna Fine, Buck Adams
Scene 4. Amber Lynn, Jerry Butler
Scene 5. Breezy Lane, Mike DeMarco
Scene 6. Elle Rio, Buck Adams

John Shubert




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