Black To The Future (1986)


Country: USA
Language: English
Release Date: 1986
Distributor: Caballero Video / Vidco Entertainment
Director: Charlie Diamond

Starring: Erica Boyer, Kristara Barrington, Melissa Melendez (as Melissa), Tish Ambrose, Buddy Love, Frank James, Hershel Savage, Robbie Dee (as Robbi Dee)

Description: A young and beautiful professor (Tish Ambrose) has discovered a way to become a legendary sex goddess of history, and experience the wild, wicked and wonton ways of those erotic women! She shares her secret with three of her most beautiful and sensual pupils. They visit an unusual shop of dreams where there is a strangely magnificent Pink Car pulsating with erotic power. As each girl steps into this sex machine, she is transformed into the historic sex symbol she wants to be. Kristara Barrington is Mata Hari. Erica Boyer is Marilyn Mansfield. And Melissa Melendez is Cleopatra. A malfunction of the Pink Car’s time machine finds these three femme fatales reliving their most outrageous sexploits in other than their historic periods, which leads to hilariously hot and erotic results – with scene after scene of the most exciting, arousing and stimulating sex ever.



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