Cameriera senza… malizia (1980)


  • Caroline Audisio non-sex, plays Commander Colombo’s daughter
  • Diala Caruso plays Pina, Antonio’s companion on his truck
  • Guia Lauri Filzi as Guia Lauri, plays the mother superior
  • Laura Levi plays Katia
  • Marina Hedman as Marina Frajese, plays Olivia


  • Enzo Pulcrano plays Antonio, Olivia’s husband, a truck driver
  • Paolo di Bella plays Giovanni, a truck driver
  • Luigi Palchetti plays Commander Colombo, non-sex
  • Giuseppe Curia plays Poldo, a truck driver
  • Rod Licari plays the postman, simulated sex
  • Armando di Marco plays the sergeant, non-sex
  • Enzo Garinei plays don Peppino, the parish priest, non-sex

Language: Italian



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