Con Jobs (1990)

Year: 1990
Country: USA
Genre: Classic
Duration: 1:11:55
Language English

Directed by: Barbara Cunningham & C.C. Williams
Studio: Venus 99

Starring: Actresses:
Carol Cummings
Fallon [IR]
Iesha [IR]
Kimberly Kane [Facial IR]
Mandi Wine [IR]
Michelle Monroe
Natasha Skyler (as Natasha)
Renee Foxx (as Rene Foxxe)
Marc Wallice (as Mark Wallace)
Paul Pounder
Ron Jeremy
Sean Michaels (as Sean Michael)
Tony Montana
Wayne Summers

Description: It’s very tempting to take the title of Con Jobs at face value, as it is not the most erotic feature to come down the pike recently. But with a cast like this service sexcom has, there should be a few scenes that make watching it worthwhile, and there are. The opening segment of Ron Jeremy and M.P. Renee Foxxe going through maneuvers in a jeep (there went most of the budget) is good, and a later “interrogation” between Tony Montana and starlet Natasha deserves particular mention. Every scene, unfortunately, has the same repetitious feel to it (male superiors ordering female subordinates), and no female stars appear in more than one scene. It’s no con to say that Con Jobs is a pretty mixed bag of eroticism, with enough energy spread throughout to make it worth a watch.

Scene Breakdowns:

Scene 1. Renee Foxx, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Kimberly Kane, Mandi Wine, Paul Pounder
Scene 3. Kimberly Kane, Mandi Wine, Sean Michaels
Scene 4. Carol Cummings, Michelle Monroe, Marc Wallice
Scene 5. Natasha Skyler, Tony Montana
Scene 6. Fallon, Iesha, Sean Michaels, Wayne Summers




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