Debbie Duz Dishes (1986)

Alexis Greco [LezOnly]
Keli Richards [Anal Facial]
Nina Hartley
Billy Dee
Hershel Savage
Jerry Butler
Jon Martin
Mike Horner
NonSex Performers:
Damon Christian

Nina Hartley conveys unbelievable erotic passion and a great sense of the absurd as Debbie, a very dumb JAP who just got married to Mike Horner, but who can’t get up the energy to clean her damn kitchen. I mean, what woman with half a brain would immediately take off her clothes for a vacuum cleaner salesman. I suppose when she says, “I don’t know what’s come over me,” that takes care of things as Debbie finds that the 27-attachment vacuum has a 28th hose… Jerry Butler.
The dishes are overflowing and apple cores have clogged the drains and nobody’s van will start and there’s a monster hiding in the closet who’s stealing Debbie’s friends and sex partners. It takes an exorcist (Damon Christian) to golf ball the monster into oblivion, but not until…
When you compare Debbie Duz Dishes to all of the other sexvids clogging the drains… er’… market, you’ll find that the budget here is just as low. they probably shot the feature in two days, like most other porn videos. and the damned one-house setting is boring. But what’s working here is the funniest adult script in months, terrific acting and steamy, sultry sexual encounters that prove shot-on-video can definitely work.
Debbie Duz Dishes is not perfect, but among the sexual highlights: Nina Hartley, tanned and blonde, is unbelievably hot —with Butler, with Jon Martin, with Josephine the very butch plumber (Alexis Greco) and with Herschel Savage. Billy Dee, in an excellent supporting role, happens upon a snobby Keli Richards in a very hot and funny scene. Richards also takes on both Jon Martin and Scorpio in another scorcher. The list goes on and on.
Let’s not forget John Finegold’s superior screenplay, peppered with domestic quips, Barney Clark jokes and a terrific sequence where Debbie’s Jewish mother begs her over the phone to divorce her middle-class husband and marry a rich 67-year-old.
Technically, the tape is fine, with decent photography and only a few bad edits and glitches. This production is proof that you can gain a lot on a small budget. Quite simply, Debbie Duz Dishes is fabulous, frivolous and funny.

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Nina Hartley, Mike Horner
Scene 2. Nina Hartley
Scene 3. Nina Hartley, Jerry Butler
Scene 4. Keli Richards, Nina Hartley, Billy Dee
Scene 5. Keli Richards, Jon Martin, Scorpio
Scene 6. Alexis Greco, Nina Hartley
Scene 7. Nina Hartley, Hershel Savage





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