Deep Inside Manhattan (1987)

aka Deep Inside Trading

Director: Larry Revene

* Cara Lott [NonSex]
* Krista Lane
* Rachel Royce [NonSex]
* Sheri St. Clair
* Siobhan Hunter
* Tara Blake
* Veronica Vera [NonSex]
* Brett Simms
* Damien Cashmere
* David Morris
* Randy Paul
* Rick Savage
* Rugby Rhodes
* Scott Baker [NonSex]

* Scene 1. Krista Lane, Rick Savage
* Scene 2. David Morris, Tara Blake
* Scene 3. Krista Lane, Rick Savage
* Scene 4. Brett Simms, Siobhan Hunter
* Scene 5. Damien Cashmere, Tara Blake
* Scene 6. Rick Savage, Sheri St. Clair, Tara Blake
* Scene 7. Krista Lane, Randy Paul
* Scene 8. Rugby Rhodes, Sheri St. Clair

This film presents the raw underside of Wall Street, with an all too topical peek into the power world of corporate debauchery! Can a tantalizing and sexy bunch of female detectives go ‘undercover’ to save the day!!? These babes are determined to ‘crack’ the case! Oversexed and horny stock market manipulators clash for cash in this dirty tale of yuppies gone bad and wanting it ALL now!!





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