Europe On Two Guys A Day (1986)


* Karen Summer
* Nikki Randall


* Christopher Lanford
* Fabrio DeMartino
* Francois
* Jean Pierre Tomel
* Roberto Ferrer

Description: “Travel can be an enriching experience for anyone, but the cast of seeing the world for the lovely Sharon (Nikki Randall) and Joan (Karen Summer) is just a little more than their budget can stand. Purchasing ‘Europe on $5 a day’ only makes them realize cheap hostels and campgrounds just isn’t how two beautiful girls should see Europe. What the girls want is style, romance and good clean fun! How can they find that without money. The plan ‘Europe on Two Guys a Day.’ Off they go to the romantic French Riviera. Where real men eat quiche and still know how to accommodate lustful ladies in search of a good time. What they do to the Riviera is sinfully wild. For a taste of these American dreams, men from all over the world lineup at their door replete with jewels. You’ll see what they see, feel what they feel and enjoy every glorious moment as Sharon and Joan overcome the language barrier with the international language of love in ‘Europe on Two Guys a Day.”



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