Fantasex Island (1984)


Cast: Holly McCall,Juliet Anderson,Serena,Valerie Darlyn,John Leslie,John Seeman,Mike Horner,Paul Thomas,Pupu

Visit Fantasex Island, where guests have their most secret sexual fantasies fulfilled with lustful pleasure! Meet your Fantasex Island guides: Dork, a Latin gentleman and his lascivious midget, Pu-Pu. Mr. Dork and Pu-Pu make certain each exotic fantasy is carried completely to its wildest limits.A hard riding cowboy who rustles up a saloon girl and takes her for a hard and fast sex ride – a Victorian gentleman and the willing maid showing the proprietors a thing or two about boudoir antics – a young male student teaching his modest etiquette teacher the manners of lustful and raw sex – a gambler who must settle his debts with his virginal sister offered as payment to the owners of a house of ill repute – a blushing, innocent bride who discovers her husband’s kinky ideas of marital bliss on their honeymoon night – an oversexed maid who is pleasantly controlled by the lord and lady of the manor. Poor frustrated Pu-Pu, 10 years of Fantasex Island and still no action.



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