Fantastica Moana (1987)

Riccardo Schicchi

Cast (Credited cast)
Moana Pozzi
Lana Howard
Susan Turner
Luigi Soldati (as Leslie Pollak)
Roberto Malone (as Bob Malone)

Moana was not typical of porn stars during the 1980’s and 1990’s. Unlike many of her American counterparts, she did not have silicon implants and did not believe in plastic surgery in order to improve her looks. She was not drawn to pornography out of financial necessity and was in no way ashamed of her occupation. Moana was amoral; an idealist and an exhibitionist who viewed porn as a form of sexual liberation rather than a form of exploitation. In a sense, she was a throwback to the porn stars of the 1970’s, such as Sylvia Bourdon and Brigitte Lahaie from France, Cicciolina from Italy, or Annette Haven from the States; women who viewed pornography as a means to explore their own sexuality and break down social structures. In a time when the realities of capitalist consumerism, the notions of supply, demand and profit margins are overtaking the adult industry, there is unfortunately little room for revolutionary ideals. Moana may well be one of the last of her kind: a porn star who placed more importance on the sex than on the paycheque.



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