Fantasy Follies 2 (1984)


Cast : Becky Savage[LezOnly], Caramelle Nougat, Crystal Lake, Esme Monroe, Drea, Kay Parker, Serena [LezOnly], Shaun Michelle, Tamara Longley, Tiffany Clark, Bill Margold, Eric Edwards, Hershel Savage, John Stagliano, Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. girl, Ron Jeremy
Scene 2. Crystal Lake, guy
Scene 3. guy, Shaun Michelle
Scene 4. Crystal Lake, girl, John Stagliano, Shaun Michelle
Scene 5. Eric Edwards, Kay Parker
Scene 6. girl, Hershel Savage
Scene 7. Crystal Lake, Caramelle Nougat, Hershel Savage, Lee James, Tamara Longley, Shaun Michelle
Scene 8. Joey The Magician, Shaun Michelle
Scene 9. Becky Savage, Serena

Description: When Becky Savage, Spread Magazine’s star reporter, comes to interview lusty sex screen legend Serena, little does she realize that she’s in for an afternoon of hilarious and arousing recollections. Serena brazenly throws back the covers of the explicit adult film industry, and gives Becky quite a turned-on tour. From an outrageous birthday party/orgy for Hershel Savage at which the guest of honor is given a living deli platter, to the frosty confines of a meat locker where future porn stars wait for job opportunities to come up, to a steamy hot tub in which Tiffany Clark truly bubbles with passion, to a sizzling set where sensual superstars Kay Parker and Eric Edwards are pubically pestered by the likes of Ron Jeremy while they try to perform, to a mad magician who keeps his best trick between his legs and a foul-mouthed rabbit up his sleeve, Serena bares all for Becky – before baring all of Becky.




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