Fantasy Follies 2 (1984)


Also Known As
Fantasy Follies II (on-screen title)

Cast : Becky Savage[LezOnly], Caramelle Nougat, Crystal Lake, Esme Monroe, Drea, Kay Parker, Serena [LezOnly], Shaun Michelle, Tamara Longley, Tiffany Clark, Bill Margold, Eric Edwards, Hershel Savage, John Stagliano, Ron Jeremy

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Esme Monroe, Ron Jeremy
  • Scene 2. Carmel Nougat, Jack Mason
  • Scene 3. Shaun Michelle, Mark Harris
  • Scene 4. Carmel Nougat, Esme Monroe, Shaun Michelle, John Stagliano
  • Scene 5. Kay Parker, Eric Edwards
  • Scene 6. Bill Margold
  • Scene 7. Crystal Lake, Herschel Savage
  • Scene 8. Crystal Lake, Esme Monroe, Shaun Michelle, Tamara Longley, Herschel Savage, Jack Mason, Mark Harris
  • Scene 9. Shaun Michelle, Joey The Magician
  • Scene 10. Becky Savage, Serena


  • Tiffany Clark is pictured and listed in the opening credits, but does not appear in the movie



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