Girl World 2 (1987)


Starring: Carol Titian, Jeanna Fine, Megan Leigh, Nikki Knights, Nina Hartley, Rita Erotica, Shanna McCullough, Sharon Mitchell, Tiffany Rose.

GIRLWORLD, the exclusive hideaway that specializes in training young women to make love with each other has been taken over by Sharon Mitchell, who is keeping up the good work that founder Nina Hartley started. Sharon is continuing the training of old students (Megan Leigh, Nikki Knights), and new students (Shanna McCullough, Carol Titian, Rita Erotica) in her own special and bizarre techniques in lovemaking. Suddenly, a familiar voice starts to give directions over the PA system. It’s Nina Hartley who returns to give everyone a lesson. The students respond with a wild orgy that includes a fantastic double-double penetration scene that has to be seen to be believed.



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