Harlot (1971)

The incredible story of a girl named “Harlot”

Patty Alexon    …     Melody
Judy Angel    …     Mrs. James
Leroy Jones    …     Mr. James
John McGaughtery    …     1st Rider
Bill Pruner    …     2nd Rider
‘Reb’ Sawitz    …     Naked man in shopping center
Fran Spector    …     Harlot
Butch Griswald    …     Biker (uncredited)

Scene 1. Fran Spector, John McGaughtery
Scene 2. Fran Spector, Bill Pruner
Scene 3. Fran Spector, Bill Pruner
Scene 4. Fran Spector, Marsha Bishop, Bill Pruner
Scene 5. Fran Spector, Leroy Jones
Scene 6. Fran Spector, Judy Angel, Leroy Jones
Scene 7. Marsha Bishop
Scene 8. Marsha Bishop, guy



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