Hidden Obsessions (1992)

Andrew Blake

Celeste [Facial]
Deidre Holland [Facial]
Domonique Simone (as Dominique Simone) [Facial]
Francesca Le [Facial Shaved]
Heather Hart [Facial]
Janine (as Janine Lindemulder) [LezOnly]
Julia Ann [LezOnly]
Kym Wilde [LezOnly]
Lauryl Canyon (as Laurel Canyon) [LezOnly]
Marissa Malibu
Melanie Moore [Facial]
P.J. Sparxx [Facial]
Paula Price [LezOnly]
Sheila Stone [LezOnly]
Skye Blue [LezOnly]
Sunset Thomas
Tracy West [LezOnly]

NonSex Performers:
Jami Dion (as Jamie Dion)

Jon Dough
Marc Wallice
Nick East
Peter North
Randy West
Steve Drake (as Steven Drake)
Woody Long

NonSex Performers:
Bruce Gates
John Lee

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Heather Hart, Steve Drake
Scene 2. Janine, Julia Ann
Scene 3. Francesca Le, Randy West
Scene 4. Kym Wilde, P.J. Sparxx
Scene 5. Heather Hart, P.J. Sparxx, Peter North
Scene 6. Sunset Thomas, Marc Wallice
Scene 7. Janine, Julia Ann
Scene 8. Skye Blue, Tracy West
Scene 9. Celeste, Woody Long
Scene 10. Janine, Paula Price
Scene 11. Deidre Holland, Jon Dough
Scene 12. Melanie Moore, Randy West
Scene 13. Jami Dion
Scene 14. Francesca Le, Nick East
Scene 15. Heather Hart, Jon Dough
Scene 16. Janine, P.J. Sparxx, Sheila Stone
Scene 17. Marissa Malibu, Peter North
Scene 18. Domonique Simone, Marc Wallice
Scene 19. Janine, Kym Wilde
Scene 20. Heather Hart, Janine, Lauryl Canyon




One thought on “Hidden Obsessions (1992)”

  1. Absolutely classic! A must-have film in your porn collection. Great sets, amazing locations, handsome men, and stunning women that you will not ever forget.

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