Immagini di un convento (1979)


Paola Senatore … Isabella
Marina Hedman … Sister Marta (as Marina Hadman Bellis)
Paola Maiolini … Sister Consolata
Marina Ambrosini
Angelo Arquilla … Guido Bencio
Aïché Nana … Mother Superior
Maria Rosaria Riuzzi … Sister Giulia
Giovanna Mainardi … Sister Veronica
Ferruccio Fregonese
Sylviane Anne Marie Plard
Pietro Zardini
Brunello Chiodetti
Donald O’Brien … Exorcist

Legendary cult-sleaze director Joe D’Amato helms the “nunsploitation” film IMAGES IN A CONVENT (IMMAGINI DI UN CONVENTO). Packed with copious sex and nudity, the film tells the story of a secluded convent where a diabolic statue possesses the nuns, causing them to blaspheme and commit sexual depravities. When a group of priests intervenes to try and exorcise the nuns, the presence of the men at the convent drives them to even more perverted acts. Like a more explicit and exploitative version of Ken Russell’s THE DEVILS, IMAGES IN A CONVENT has been called the most disturbing entry in the “nunsploitation” subgenre.



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