Kate And The Indians (1979)

Director: Allen Swift

Minutes: 83

Cast: (in credits order)
Kay Parker … Mira von Martin/High Priestess
Kandi Barbour … Kate
Mike Ranger … Bill
Jack Shute … Prof. Curt von Martin
Holly Joy … Lisa (as Poly Dew)
Corn Hole Wallace … Bane (von Martin’s servant)
Jim Reynolds … Masked Cowboy/Indian Brave (as Long Ranger)
Jennifer West … Saloon Girl (as Sally Sag)
Bobby Dee … Studduck
Bobby Reed … Limpin Lip
Luis De Jesus … Runt Indian (as Louie Short Stud)
Lawrence Washington … Moonbeam the Medicine Man (as Sir Lawrence Washington)
Indian Braves … Indian brave
Indian Maiden … Indian maiden
Goodie Two Shoes I … Prize Chicken
Goodie Two Shoes II … Prize Chicken
Debbie Truelove … Squaw (uncredited)

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Holly Joy, Kay Parker
Scene 2. Kandi Barbour, Luke Gusher
Scene 3. Kandi Barbour, Jack Shute
Scene 4. brun, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 5. Kandi Barbour, Mike Ranger
Scene 6. Kandi Barbour, Mike Ranger
Scene 7. brun, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 8. brun, guy
Scene 9. guy, Jennifer West
Scene 10. brun, R.J. Reynolds
Scene 11. brun, Luis De Jesus
Scene 12. black_guy, brun
Scene 13. brun, guy
Scene 14. brun, Mike Ranger
Scene 15. brun, Jack Shute

Kate and Lisa are two students who come to their professor’s house to show him a medallion. After the professor’s wife Mira spikes their drinks, she takes Lisa to a back room and rapes her. When Kate discovers this, Mira orders the mind controlled Lisa to give Kate the same treatment. Mira then has her servant Bane rape Kate too. The professor, who is chased out of the room by Mira, imagines how the medallion belongs to a guy called Bill who Kate seduces to guide her and the professor to a lost tribe. The group is caught. They find themselves having sex with their captors until the arrival of the High Priestess, who is in the image of Mira. After she has the professor and Bill tied up, she has two female Native Americans raping them, while she herself does the same to Kate. The tribe eventually rebels and the captives break free. Now feeling free from his wife’s tyranny, the professor masters up the courage to save Lisa and Kate, although especially the latter.





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