Histoires cochonnes (1993)


Alexandra [20]
Charly Spark as Charlie
Lolita [11] as?
Sidonie as Sidonie Lamour

Males –

Jean-Pierrre Armand
Philippe Soine
Alain L’Yle
Piotr Stanislas
Jean-Paul Bride

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1 Lolita, Philippe Soine
Scene 2 Charly Spark, Jean-Paul Bride
Scene 3 Charly Spark, Alex
Scene 4 Unknown Female 484406-A, Philippe Soine
Scene 5 Unknown Female 484406-B, Alain L’Yle, Jean-Pierre Armand, Philippe Soine, Piotr Stanislas
Scene 6 Alexandra, Charly Spark, Sidonie Lamour, Jean-Pierre Armand, Philippe Soine, Piotr Stanislas, Unknown Male 484406-B

The unknown females are credited as Annabelle or Fanny on the cover.
Jean-Pierre Armand is credited as J.P. Armand on the cover.
Philippe Soine is credited as Philippe Souane on the cover.

Language : French



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