Maitresses du vice (1983)


Director: Joe de Palmer (Joe de Lara)

Alternate Titles

Jouissances sadiques video title
Maîtresse du vice
La Secte du vice
Love symphonie
Messes noires
Perversions dangereuses
L’initiation de Virginie


Cathy Stewart as Cathy Grener, plays Cathy
Christine Chavert as Christine Cuerveaux, plays Virginie
Michelle Villers uncredited, plays a member of the sect in the final orgy
Mika Barthel plays Martha
Olivia Flores as Clara Mohanie, plays Clara
Leïla the hitch-hicker
Michelle Villers an adept of the sect


André Kay, as André Vinouze, plays Paul
Jacques Marbeuf plays Monsieur Ducresnoy, the head of the sect
Jean-Pierre Armand plays an assistant in the black mass
Gabriel Pontello plays an assistant in the black mass




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