Mark Of Zara (1991)

Starring: Angela Summers, Brigitte Aime, Jeanna Fine, KC Williams, Zara Whites, Marc Wallice, Randy West, Sikki Nixx, Tom Byron, Tony Montana

Scene Breakdowns

• Scene 1. Angela Summers, Tom Byron
• Scene 2. Brigitte Aime, Zara Whites, Tony Montana
• Scene 3. Jeanna Fine, Zara Whites, Sikki Nixx
• Scene 4. Jeanna Fine, K.C. Williams
• Scene 5. Zara Whites, Marc Wallice
• Scene 6. Zara Whites, Randy West

Description: Zara is a servant in her mistress’ castle where she undresses and bathes her ladyship and her lovers, preparing them for their intimate pleasures. Zara bows to Lady Dianna’s every whim no matter how humiliating, seeking only to please. Zara watches and waits for the day her prince will come to sweep her away from this wretched life and remove from her forever.. the mark of Zara.



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