My Generation (1994)


  • D.J. Alden
  • Kim Stone
  • Lynden Johnson


  • Jonathan Morgan
  • Steven St. Croix

Scene Breakdowns

  • Scene 1. Kim Stone, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 2. D.J. Alden, Jonathan Morgan
  • Scene 3. Lynden Johnson, Steven St. Croix
  • Scene 4. Lynden Johnson, Jonathan Morgan
  • Scene 5. D.J. Alden, Kim Stone, Lynden Johnson

“Jonathan Morgan and Steven St. Croix are a couple of old codgers laid up in an old folks home. They’re alone now, and don’t have much to do aside from reminisce about their sordid pasts. Don’t feel too sorry for them though – they enjoyed those sordid pasts plenty, as we get to see from their fond remembrances. First there is a flashback to a sock hop at which Jonathan sneaks off the to principal’s office to get it on with D.J. Alden in a sweaty, memorable encounter. At the same dance, Steve and Kim Stone steal away to the locker room for some fun. Then there’s the controversy over which of them that made Lynden Johnson’s day oh so many summers ago. They both remember a separate, wild session with the suicide blonde, but which of them actually lived it? It’s a question that’s plenty of erotic fun to ponder.”



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