Play Motel (1979)

Year: 1979
Country: Italy
Genre: Erotic
Quality: SATRip
Language: Original

Director: Mario Gariazzo

Starring: Ray Lovelock, Anna Maria Rizzoli, Mario Cutini, Antonella Antinori, Patrizia Behn, Enzo Fisichella, Marina Hedman, Mario Novelli, Marino Mase, Patrizia Webley, Vittorio Ripamonti, Bob Balisteri, Bruno Di Luia, Franco Beltramme, Michele Zurlaro
Description: “Play Motel” is the name of a motel located in Rome. There’s a complex web of deceit and blackmail linked to this motel. People belonging to the upper levels of society are attracted to the Play Motel and are photographed while they are engaged in their “games”. Suddenly things get out of control and mainly “models”, somehow linked to the blackmail scheme, begin to get murdered.



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