Pussyman Auditions 23 (1996)


Emily Hill
Mesha Lynn


Bobby Vitale
Dave Hardman
David Christopher
Tony Martino

Three more tawdry temptresses take turns churning and burning in this latest erotic endeavor from David “Pussyman” Christopher. First up is Farrah, a top-heavy exotic dancer whose mane of bushy blonde hair and voluptuous figure provide lots to look at. Her steamy solo routine quickly escalates into a slow-burning sashay with Tony Martino. Farrah’s facial expressions leave no doubt as to her feelings throughout this intense encounter. If you like ridiculously huge enhanced boobs, Meesha Lynn’s got more of what you’re looking for. She’s a saucy redhead whose mammoth mams get their fair share of saliva slavering during a wide-eyed and wonderful romp. Finally, sweet Emily Hill takes center stage for a white-hot rendezvous that finds her enjoying the charms of a couple of lucky stiffs. Emily’s ravishing body is the nicest in the flick, and one look at her in amorous action is more than enough to make this one well worth recommending. Hot stuff on a nonexistent budget.





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