Robin Thief of Wives (1995)

Alternate Titles:
La Légende de Robin des Bois
Robin Hood – The Sex Legend Denmark
Robin Thief of Wives
Robin Hood – Koenig der Triebe

Sheila Stanton, aka Csilla Kalnay (as Chantal) [Facial IR]
Eva Dionisio [IR]
Nicolette [Anal Facial]
Shalimar, aka Laetitia Bisset [Anal Facial]
Stefania Sartori [Anal Facial]

NonSex Performers
Catarina Lievacic (as Caterina Altieri)

Mark Davis
Sean Michaels
Silvio Evangelista (as Silvio Lado)

NonSex Performers
Andrea Nobili
Luca Valentini (as Luca Camilletti)

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Sheila Stanton, Sean Michaels
Scene 2. Sheila Stanton, Eva Dionisio, Nicolette, Stefania Sartori, Sean Michaels, Silvio Evangelista
Scene 3. Stefania Sartori, Mark Davis
Scene 4. Nicolette, Silvio Evangelista
Scene 5. Nicolette, Mark Davis
Scene 6. Nicolette, Silvio Evangelista
Scene 7. Shalimar, Mark Davis
Scene 8. Stefania Sartori
Scene 9. Shalimar, Stefania Sartori, Silvio Evangelista
Scene 10. Shalimar, Mark Davis

English Version

German Version

Italian Version

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  1. 3 different versions in one RAR? Which one is in English? I have been looking for an English language version of this for years and can’t never find one. THANK YOU!

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