Rudy, the Valentino Story (1997)

Also Known As
Rudolph Valentino, American Lover
Rudolph Valentino, l’irresistible seducteur (French version, Blue One)
The Lover: The Valentino Story

Starring: Hakan Serbes, Valentino, Laura Palmer, Guy DiSilva, Kaitlyn Ashley, Crystal Breeze, J.R. Carrington, Carole DuBois, Gina Everett, Roxanne Hall, Heather Lee, Gina Rome, Coral Sands, Nico Treasures

Rudolph Valentino, the famous American actor of Italian descent, one of the greatest stars and recognized sex symbol of the era of silent movies. Joe D’Amato using scenery of America in the early twentieth century, shows us the most important events in the short life of Valentino, who became the sex-symbol of his era.

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Carole DuBois, Hakan
Scene 2. Gina Rome, Hakan
Scene 3. Roxanne Hall, Hakan
Scene 4. J.R. Carrington, Hakan
Scene 5. Sahara Sands, Hakan
Scene 6. Selena, Hakan
Scene 7. Heather Lee, Nico Treasures, Hakan, Valentino
Scene 8. Laura Palmer, Guy DiSilva
Scene 9. Laura Palmer, Hakan
Scene 10. Kaitlyn Ashley, Hakan



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