Sarah Young – The Goddess of Love 4 (1991) DVD


Genre: Classic, Feature, Couples, Oral, Anal, Group
Directed by: Sascha Alexander
Issued: Moser Vision
Running time: 122 mins

The Goddess Of Love 4 does not just feature Sarah – it absolutely worships her. Seldom have we seen Sarah this ladylike and seductive. In front of a fireplace she is adored by a boy who unpacks her wonderful breasts and then buries his head deeply between her thighs, licking her like crazy. It’s highly erotic porn, crowned by loads of sperm onto Sarah’s royal snatch after some severe vaginal and anal fun. Later, we see Sarah awoken at night by a guy climbing through her open window. She’s frightened but still lets him touch and caress her. The stranger and another guy both end up in Sarah together, giving her a long horny double penetration and a wonderful parallel cumshot into her open mouth! Having a tea with her psychologist, Sarah tells him about her insomnia. Assuming she’s sexually frustrated, he hypnotizes her and gently takes care of her body and soul while Sarah enjoys the therapy with closed eyes. She only looks at him when he drives his piston deeply into her tight lovely ass, and then falls back while he heavily creams her cunt and belly. Goddess Of Love 4 is a high-class production of exquisite erotography!

Actresses and actors: Sarah Young, TT Boy, Peter North, Nick East, Jake Steed



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