Seymore and Shane Mount Tiffany (1994)

Movie Description :
“It all started when we went to Vegas to attend the annual Adult Video Awards show. Although we were there for less than 24 hours, it was probably the greatest single day of my life! That’s all Ill say you’ll see what happens soon enough! We got back to L.A. in time for a friends party, where Shane met this incredible girl named Tiffany! Wow! Believe me you’ll say it too, once you lay your eyes on her! The girls instantly hit it off, and we ended up inviting Tiffany to stay at our house. It was a week we’ll never forget, and the footage is as rare as I have ever shot! After Tiffany jumped on a plane for her home in Canada, we were surprised at our house my Cousin Phil and a beautiful dancer named Holy in our swimming pool. Holly happened to be in town auditioning for the centerfold of Penthouse. What would you rather see? Holly’s perfect tits with staples through her nipples, staring at you from the pages of a magazine or Holly’s tanned, hard ass getting pounded poolside on your screen? At least you have a choice.”

Starring :
* Chayse Manhattan [Facial]
* Holly Body [Anal Bald]
* Shane [Facial]
* Tiffany Towers [Facial Swallow]
* Tony Martino (as Cousin Phil)
* Mark Davis
* Seymore Butts

Scene Breakdowns

Scene 1. Shane, Seymore Butts
Scene 2. Shane, Tiffany Towers
Scene 3. Tiffany Towers, Seymore Butts
Scene 4. Chayse Manhattan, Shane, Tiffany Towers
Scene 5. Chayse Manhattan, Mark Davis
Scene 6. Tiffany Towers, Seymore Butts
Scene 7. Tiffany Towers, Seymore Butts
Scene 8. Tiffany Towers, Seymore Butts
Scene 9. Holly Body, Tony Martino





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