Spanish Fly (1985)

Spanish Fly (Malisa, Elisa et le taureau) (1985)

Year: 1985
Country: France
Genre: All sex, Anal sex, Oral sex, Group sex
Length: 00:58:40
Language: English

Directed by: José Bénazéraf

Mysterious and passionate Spain, it’s an erotic fantasy for many a tourist. But the lure and lustiness of this sensual country acts like an aphrodisiac on vacationing Olinka and Gabriel Pontello. The two of them along with their promiscuous friends go sexually berserk in a non-stop holiday of lascivious love making. From frantic flamenco trysts to bawdy bullfighting orgies, it’s no wonder the Spanish Fly originated here. You’d think it was the water supply, judging by everyone’s amorous appetite!

Cathy Ménard
Elena Muñoz
Jennifer Haussmann may be credited as Sonia Pouchkine
Kelly Deep
Laura May
Nicole Segaud uncredited, brief non-sex appearance, possibly archive footage
Olinka Hardiman
Sophie Pressle

Credited females –

  • Sonia Pouchkine (whoever she is meant to be)
  • Olinka
  • Therese Whermus (whoever she is meant to be)
  • Tonia Gogol (whoever she is meant to be)

Credited males –

  • Gabriel Pontello
  • Lorenco Marques






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