The Brat (1987)



* Brittany Stryker
* Jamie Summers
* Krista Lane [LezOnly]
* Sheena Horne
* Siobhan Hunter


* Jerry Butler
* Joey Silvera

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Jerry Butler, Jamie Summers
* Scene 2. Joey Silvera, Sheena Horne
* Scene 3. Jerry Butler, Sheena Horne
* Scene 4. Jamie Summers
* Scene 5. Jerry Butler, Siobhan Hunter, Brittany Stryker
* Scene 6. Jamie Summers, Krista Lane
* Scene 7. Joey Silvera, Jamie Summers
* Scene 8. Jerry Butler, Sheena Horne

I hope you like it. It’s about me, The Brat. I take astrology classes, I do aerobics, I eat sushi, and I’m so busy I hardly have time to satisfy my horny husband. Then suddenly I find out I might loose him to one of his wild, willing secretaries, Brittany Striker or Sioban Hunter. According to my friend Rebecca Lynn, that is. And I don’t like to lose. Especially my husband. So I start trying a little aerobics on him, and well, you’ll see …



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