The First Of April (1988)


April West
* Lynn LeMay
* Stephanie Rage


* Jeffrey Wallach [NonSex]
* Jerry Butler
* Louis Paul
* Paul Thomas [NonSex]
* Phil Campanero

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Jerry Butler, April West
* Scene 2. Jerry Butler, Lynn LeMay
* Scene 3. April West, Phil Campanero
* Scene 4. April West, Stephanie Rage
* Scene 5. Jerry Butler, Stephanie Rage

Description: Introducing April West, in her first erotic performance. April was the perfect wife. With the perfect smile. The perfect breasts. The perfect comment. And as with all things perfect, just when you attain it, it leaves your grasp. This is the story of April. This is the only time you and she will ever be this intimate. For perfection is fleeting. And lust is forever.



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