The Ginger Effect (1985)


Ginger Lynn
Kristara Barrington
Cara Lott
Jerry Butler
Tom Byron
Francois Papillon
Peter North
Terry Lynn

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Cara Lott, Jerry Butler
Scene 2. Ginger Lynn, Peter North, Tom Byron
Scene 3. Kristara Barrington, Terry Lynn, Francois
Scene 4. Cara Lott, Ginger Lynn
Scene 5. Kristara Barrington, Peter North
Scene 6. Terry Lynn, Francois, Tom Byron
Scene 7. Ginger Lynn, Jerry Butler
Scene 8. Terry Lynn
Scene 9. Ginger Lynn, Francois
Scene 10. Kristara Barrington, Jerry Butler
Scene 11. Terry Lynn, Tom Byron
Scene 12. Cara Lott, Peter North




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