The Love Scene (1985)



* Andrea Brittian
* Buffy Davis (as Buffy Martin)
* Gail Force
* Gina Valentino
* Jacqueline Lorians
* Josephine Carrington
* Nicole West [Facial]


* Dan T. Mann
* Eric Edwards
* Marc Wallice
* Paul Baressi
* Randy West
* Rick Savage
* Steve Drake
* Tom Byron

Scene Breakdowns

* Scene 1. Buffy Davis, Randy West
* Scene 2. Gina Valentino, Tom Byron
* Scene 3. Eric Edwards, Jacqueline Lorians
* Scene 4. Andrea Brittian, Rick Savage
* Scene 5. Jacqueline Lorians, Randy West
* Scene 6. Nicole West, Paul Baressi
* Scene 7. Josephine Carrington, Marc Wallice
* Scene 8. Jacqueline Lorians, Steve Drake

Could Sara be French film star Nichole West or British spy Josephine Carrington, American diplomatic courier Andrea Brittian or a lady of pleasure Gail Force forced to leave Paris by the war? Ann and Willie will make the love scene work, but will they find meaning in their own relationship?
The Love Scene in intrigue, beauty, sensuality and… Romance.




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