The Oral Generation (1970)

Cast: Laura Cannon, Suzzan Landau, Fred J. Lincoln, Paul Matthews, Tina Russell



One thought on “The Oral Generation (1970)”


    “High-quality porn masquerading as documentary”

    “The crisp 35mm photography is very impressive and reminds one that nearly all porno films seen now are in degraded condition not giving many of them a chance to be properly appreciated. True, they were subject to splicing and dicing/wear & tear back in the day courtesy of grind-house projection, but ORAL shows what a pristine print looked like.

    That is fortunate in preserving the beauty of Tina Russell, who appears in several scenes here, notably a sensual XXX session opposite Paul Matthews as well as a solo strip/split- beaver/masturbation turn as a horny secretary. Tina has several far better features demonstrating her acting ability, notably WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MISS September? (coincidentally she was born in September), but ORAL shows us Tina at her loveliest -as striking as Annette Haven or any other future porn goddess.

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