Touched (1989)

Starring: Chaz Vincent, Nikki Charm, Rebecca Steele, Stacy Lords, Christhopher Charm, Todd Alexander, Joey Silvera

Description: A famous Beverly Hills masseuse (Nikki Charm) loses her hands in an accident and undergoes a transplant. Later on, she finds out that her new hands had belonged to a nymphomaniac who specialized in “happy endings”. Is she controlling her new hands or are her new hands controlling her?

Scene Breakdowns
* Scene 1. Chaz Vincent, Nikki Charm, Rebecca Steele
* Scene 2. Chaz Vincent, Rebecca Steele, Todd Alexander
* Scene 3. Nikki Charm, guy
* Scene 4. Nikki Charm, Rebecca Steele
* Scene 5. Chaz Vincent
* Scene 6. Nikki Charm, Joey Silvera
* Scene 7. Nikki Charm, Christhopher Charm
* Scene 8. Stacy Lords, Joey Silvera



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