Una Zia, Due Nipotine…30 cm di Cameriere (1993)

Also Known As

Chessy’s Spagat Orgie
Hot & Horny

Actresses: Venus (Persia), Babette, Chessy Moore, Barbarella, Karin Schubert
Actors: Philippe Soine as Philippe Svan, Richard Langin as Rick Banana, Yves Baillat as Yves “il Fungo”, Mohamed (uncredited)

Scene 1. Chessie Moore
Scene 2. Persia, Philippe Soine
Scene 3. Babette, Philippe Soine
Scene 4. Chessie Moore, Karin Schubert, Persia, Mohamed, Richard Langin, Yves Baillat
Scene 5. Chessie Moore, Richard Langin, Yves Baillat

German release




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  1. Great! it’s very difficult to find Chessie Moore’s videos today. And this rip has good quality.
    Many thanks

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