Where The Girls Sweat 2 (1991)


Starring: Flame, Heather Lere, Holly Ryder, K.C. Williams, Kathleen Jentry, Madison, Missy Warner, Nikki Wilde.

“The second edition of the blistering all-girl series once again delivers with some of the hottest lesbian action we’ve seen in some time. This 1991 effort stars luscious Madison and Kathleen Gentry as the owners of a gym that seems to cater to an exclusively female clientele. And once you get a glimpse of the amorous action that takes place in this work-out den, you’ll surely know why! These gals barely have time to peel out of their
clothes before they’re confronted with the prospect of some down and dirty lesbian loving. Adding men to the mix would only insure that they had no time for exercise! Basically, the whole thing is but a threadbare excuse to parade some sultry sex kittens around in tight little spandex outfits and then set them loose on one another in scene after scene of two and threeway Sapphic shenanigans. The cast is practically a who’s who of b-level
porno talent from the early 90s, and these gals show that they definitely try harder.
From the tightly packed body of Tianna to the lusciously ripe curves sported by Heather Lere, there’s sure to be something for every taste in this girl/girl romp. It’s without a doubt one of the most voraciously sexual all-girl outings we’ve seen, and the women all seem determined to leave every last ounce of energy right there on screen.”




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