Amanda’s Diary 1 (1998)


Year: 1998
Genre: Feature, Foreign, Straight
Duration: 1:32:55

Directed by: John Millerman

Starring: Kate More, Nicol, Mary Eleniak, Monica Cameron (aka Monic), Ursula Moore (aka Ursula).

Description: Hardcore Action
For Amanda’s 18th birthday, she received a very special gift to mark the beginning of her new adult life – a video camera! From this day forward, Amanda, a true fan of PRIVATE, will record on videotape, all of her escapades and erotic encounters. Through the lens, Amanda will discover love and pleasure. Her sexual awakening will be shared with her closest girlfriend, Hanna, who has given her a dildo and the guidance on how to use it. That night, as her imagination absorbs what she has seen, she dreams of having sex with a man and a woman. The following day, she visits Hanna and together, they continue exploring dildo delights as the camera continues to roll. Hanna’s handsome boyfriend, Alex, later shows his appreciation by giving them a hand. It’s a happy, horny birthday!

Scene 1 Kate More, Nicol
Scene 2 Kate More, Mary Eleniak
Scene 3 Kate More, Nicol
Scene 4 Kate More, Monica Cameron, Ursula Moore



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