American Blonde (1994)

Janine and Colt are a couple. Kaitlyn and Tony are also a couple, and Veronica and Alex are the couple that will change their lives. Paul Thomas presents a tale of three lovers, and the sexual energies that ignite them. Starring the impossibly beautiful Janine, the smoldering blonde that has redefined the term ?American Blonde.? Janine and Colt, Kaitlyn and Tony, Veronica and Alex. This is the world of American Blonde. Think of it as Bob and Carol and Ted and Alice. Only real.

Paul Thomas

* Janine [LezOnly]
* Kaitlyn Ashley [Facial]
* Misty Rain [LezOnly]
* Rasha Romana [LezOnly]
* Veronica Sage [Anal]

* Alex Sanders
* Colt Steel
* Tony Tedeschi

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Kaitlyn Ashley, Tony Tedeschi
* Scene 2. Janine, Misty Rain, Rasha Romana
* Scene 3. Kaitlyn Ashley, Colt Steel
* Scene 4. Janine, Kaitlyn Ashley
* Scene 5. Veronica Sage, Alex Sanders
* Scene 6. Janine, Veronica Sage



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