Anal Pleasures (1988)


Ron Jeremy

Dana Lynn
Lauryl Canyon
Nina DePonca
Trinity Loren

Jon Dough
Marc Wallice
Shane Hunter
Tony Montana

Scene Breakdowns:
Scene 1. Dana Lynn, Jon Dough
Scene 2. Lauryl Canyon, Nina DePonca, Jon Dough
Scene 3. Trinity Loren, Shane Hunter
Scene 4. Dana Lynn, Marc Wallice, Tony Montana
Scene 5. Lauryl Canyon, Tony Montana
Scene 6. Nina DePonca, Marc Wallice

Crazy, sexy, cool … the world of haute couture high fashion, the cutting edge of chic where Versace, Montana, Jean-Paul Gaultier are the driving pulse of an industry fueled by money, power and decadence where sex is king and the world`s most desirable women are the playthings in the high stakes fashion game. This is the world of Elisha Rich, super-model, and super-bitch with a dark past. She and the other superstars of Models, Inc. all have their naughty secrets, shady pasts, and perversions as well. Such is the life on the catwalk, where there`s an endless supply of willing beauties who`ll do anything or anyone to get on top.



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