Ass Ventura: Crack Detective (1995)


Starring: Candy Conner, Kaitlyn Ashley, Kimberly Kyle, Sid Deuce, Eric Price, Jay Ashley, Mike Horner, Peter North

Description: The Mayor’s wife has just been absconded and all the king’s men can’t seem to sniff her out. who ya gonna call? You guessed right; Ass Ventura, Crack Detective! With his nose to the ground and into every crack in between, he leaves no bone unturned, no underwear unsniffed and never a hole unexplored in his kinky backdoor search for truth! but A.V. is not the only butt aficionado in Melvinville. There’s the good Doctor Sphincter who’s competition enough for all the butt-hungey bucks in town. So is you want to see how it’s done anally, then roll this video adn watch the professionals. And if you ever run afoul of the law remember: with Ass Vntura on your case, never back up!




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