Taxi Girls 2 – In Search Of Toni (1986)


Starring: Shanna McCullough, Jamie Gillis, Lili Marlene, Jon Martin, Buffy Davis, John Leslie, Melissa Melendez, Dick Rambone, Kari Foxx, Michelle Davy, Jean Pierre Armand, Maria Tartuga, Luis De Jesus.

“Tell Us Where She Is and We Will Let You Cum”
These girls know the intimate details of the taxi business. That’s how they’re seducing fares away from the local cabbies of L.A. In retribution, the cabbies kidnap one of the girls. So, what are hot, sultry taxi girls to do? Why, call on their nymphet French Connection of course. Watch as these ladies cum all over town fucking and sucking everyone until they find their missing friend.



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