Cat Lickers 1 (1991)


Catlickers everywhere. In the bedroom. In the kitchen. They come in two’s. They come in three’s. If you can’t join em…Lick ’em. You’ll love ’em!!!! They make each other purrrr…If you like girls that eat each other’s pussies then you don’t want to miss CatLickers!!! A must see!!!!”
An experienced girl (Madison) is recruited by a strange scientist to teach his 3 “daughters” how they should treat a man. The story has a totaly unexpected ending.
This is a true classic all girl film.

Angela Summers
K.C. Williams
Devon Shire
Celia Young

J.B. [non sex]

Scene Breakdowns
Scene 1. Angela Summers, Celia Young
Scene 2. Celia Young, Devon Shire, K.C. Williams
Scene 3. Celia Young, K.C. Williams
Scene 4. Devon Shire, Madison
Scene 5. Angela Summers, Madison



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