Petites mouilleuses pour gros calibres (1983)


Alternate Titles

Les Acculées video title
Esperienze innaturali di Lorain Italy
Les Perversions de Laure 1994 video title, Top¹X, France, may be a combination of two previous movies rather than a re-titling of Petites mouilleuses
Sexplosion, perverse Gelüste West Germany, Midnight Star


Dominique Vergnac plays the maid, Jeanette
Ghislaine Plat plays Laure (Eva in the German version)
Marie-Christine Chireix plays Lorène La mère, (Karin , sister or sister-in-law in the German version)
XNK2863 plays the aunt, Hélène

Males include

Ghislain Garet (Grouard) plays the stepfather / brother-in-law
Christophe Clark plays the boyfriend
Alain L’Yle plays Victor the gardener




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