Indecent Exposure (1981)

Robert McCallum

* Arcadia Lake
* Cat Dalton
* Tigr (as Chelsea)
* Cynthia Toronto
* Diane Martin (as Diana Martin)
* Georgina Spelvin
* Jesie St. James (as Jessie St. James)
* Lily Rodgers (as Laura West)
* Mari Munroe
* Mavis Engel
* Nicole Black (as Nicole Noir)
* Renee LaPaz [NonSex]
* Veronica Hart
* Victoria Knoll (as Victoria Noel) [BJOnly]
* Wendy Peters

* Eric Edwards
* John F. Kearney [NonSex]
* Jon Martin [NonSex]
* Elmo Lavino (as Ralph Sherwood) [NonSex]
* R. Bolla (as Richard Bolla)

Scene Breakdowns:
* Scene 1. Veronica Hart, R. Bolla
* Scene 2. Arcadia Lake, Eric Edwards
* Scene 3. blonde, Tigr, Nicole Black, Victoria Knoll, Eric Edwards, R. Bolla
* Scene 4. Jesie St. James, Veronica Hart
* Scene 5. Lily Rodgers, Eric Edwards
* Scene 6. Georgina Spelvin, R. Bolla
* Scene 7. Jesie St. James, R. Bolla
* Scene 8. Veronica Hart, Eric Edwards

This movie features some of the hottest performances in adult cinema. Leading an all star cast, Veronica Hart becomes a swinger and her world changes, overnight! Once she experiences the pleasure of lovemaking, she goes beyond all the boundaries and becomes a seductress!





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