Lilian the Perverted Virgin (1983)

Year: 1984
Country: Spain
Genre: Female Nudity / Hardcore / Sex / Pornographer / Explicit Sex
Duration: 1:12:37
Alternate Title: Lilian la Virgen Pervertida

Directed by: Jesus Franco
Studio: Golden Films Internacional S.A.

Katja Bienert … Lilian
Antonio Mayans … Mario Pereira (as Robert Foster)
Emilio Linder … Jorge Miranda
Mari Carmen Nieto … Olga (as Mamie Kaplan)
José Llamas … José
Daniel White … Head of Security (as Pablo Villa)
Rosa María Martín (as Rosa Stadner)
Lina Romay … Irina (as Candy Coster)

A runaway girl is kidnapped by a gang of wealthy sadists and turned into their drug-addicted sex slave.




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